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Why hire a wedding coordinator?

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, but when you look at all the individual elements and tasks that go into planning your big day, it can get overwhelming. From choosing and booking your venue to hiring vendors, selecting a dress, and registering for gifts, there are a million little things to do.

That is why it's good to have someone you can trust on your side, who can act as both a calming influence and a problem solver. Wedding coordinators are experts at taking all of those moving parts and making them work together seamlessly on the day of your wedding so that you can focus on what's important: getting married!

Here are four reasons why you need a wedding coordinator:

1. Helps You And Your Family Have A Stress-Free Event

Parents and siblings may love helping when it comes to picking out colors or choosing dinner options, but when it comes to making sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding, having them in charge of things can lead to more stress than fun. Hiring a professional Houston wedding coordinator takes away the stress from you and your family so that everyone can enjoy their time together!

2. Assists with Pre-Wedding Details

A Houston wedding planner can help with important tasks such as layout and timeline creation: Addison Woods layout is listed on and your coordinator can assist with the layout creation to make sure it matches your vision.

Coordinators will also be responsible for vendor confirmation, client communication, the flow and timing of the event, and so much more! They are experienced in wedding day logistics, which relieves the bride from worrying about the details on her special day.

3. Ensures Everything Runs Smoothly

Wedding coordinators have the experience and expertise to manage your special day. That means that they can help with anything – from the setup and breakdown of tables, chairs, and decorations to making sure you don’t leave any personal items behind. They can also make sure all of your vendors are on schedule, dinner is served at an appropriate time, and the dance floor opens at just the right moment. When emergencies arise, they can calmly handle any last-minute problems without issue.

4. Assists with Event Wrap Up

Your Houston wedding planner will gather all your important items from your event and ensure that each vendor knows what their responsibilities are for the breakdown of their equipment. The coordinator will also make sure nothing is left behind at the venue, that guests are not still on site, and that no damage has occurred to the venue during your celebration.

Here at Addison Woods, we're all about making sure your big day runs as smoothly as possible, that's why we've made it a requirement for each couple to have a licensed and insured day-of wedding coordinator.

The Houston Association of Wedding Planners has done the work for you and created a list of the best Houston wedding planners in the area. We also maintain an exclusive preferred vendor list to make it easier for you to find skilled professionals who are consistent with our standards of excellence. So if you're looking for the perfect Houston wedding coordination, call us now!

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