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Summer Wedding in Houston? How to Beat the Heat

Summer weddings are a popular choice amongst couples however, there are many places where the warmth of the summer isn't necessarily pleasant. The heat and humidity can make it tough to endure the celebration – both for you and your guests. To make sure everyone feels comfortable, relaxed, and enjoys your summer wedding in Houston to the fullest; here are a few tips on how to beat the heat:

Plan a later ceremony

Opt to start your ceremony for your summer wedding in Houston during the later part of the day. You may choose a ceremony time closer to sunset as it gets cooler and helps guarantee lower temperature by that time. Plus, during a later ceremony, the lighting won't be harsh on you, providing the perfect gentle luminosity for your photos.

Provide handheld fans for your guests

There are many Houston wedding venues that don't have access to shade during an outdoor ceremony. In that case, providing handheld fans or even parasols is a great and popular alternative to keep your guests cool. When your family and friends arrive at the venue, be sure to have fans available for them to use. You can even have the fans customized for the day and make them look extra special!

Provide plenty of drinks

Opt for a selection of fun and cooling drinks. While your guests mingle during cocktail hour,keep them hydrated with beverages. Offer them chilled, refreshing drinks, such as mint water, lemonade, iced tea, or some signature cocktails. Make the drinks easily accessible for all of your guests so they can keep themself cool during the day's events.

Consider serving a lighter meal for dinner

When it comes to summer weddings in Houston, avoid serving hot meals, or something that is difficult to eat and process. As mealtime is the only period when guests have to themselves, you can make the experience memorable and worthwhile by creating interactive and delicious meal options. Incorporate fresh flavors and consider greeting guests with something light. A whimsical setting with delicious and light food is something they would love and appreciate.

Provide a dessert that will cool your guests down

The best thing you can do, during the warm weather, is to offer some fun frozen desserts at your reception. There are plenty of great options – from ice cream to snow cones, popsicles, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, and berry tarts. Surprise your guests with some sweet treats to keep them cool!

Summer weddings can get a little hot for you, your friends and family. Unfortunately, you cannot control the weather conditions, but you can plan for them! Even with the heat, summer weddings in Houston can be pulled off seamlessly and be truly memorable! Incorporate these alternatives and you will be ready to deal with any hot summer conditions!

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