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Travel Insurance, Honeymoons, CFAR, and More

Planning your honeymoon during the COVID-19 outbreak? Something we think you should consider is CFAR Insurance - "cancel for any reason" insurance.

CFAR Coverage

This type of coverage is an add-on to a travel insurance policy that will reimburse you for a portion of your prepaid, forfeited and non-refundable payments towards your trip and deposits. It gives you peace of mind by knowing you can cancel for any reason, even if it's not listed explicitly in your policy. Given recent events and the COVID pandemic, having coverage such as this may give you the peace of mind that you are seeking when planning critical portions of your wedding day.

In general, travel insurance policies generally exclude pandemics and epidemics from benefits such as trip cancellation coverage. As such, CFAR is an increasingly important type of policy add-on you may wish to consider.

The Small Print

There's always the fine print - so pay close attention when researching your travel insurance policy for your honeymoon. Oftentimes, refunds will range anywhere from 50-75%. It's also important to note that buying CFAR insurance is time sensitive, meaning, you generally must purchase this type of coverage within 2-3 weeks of purchasing your trip and general travel insurance policy. Finally, you must also provide on average a minimum of two day's notice to trip cancellations or you forfeit the benefit provided under your CFAR policy.

For more information and specifics regarding the type of policies out there - we recommend reaching out to one of the following travel insurance providers:

Weddings, Honeymoons, & COVID-19

The current situation with the coronavirus pandemic has many couples worried about their wedding and honeymoon plans. It's likely if you're planning a wedding in your hometown, at a venue like Addison Woods in Houston, you may be looking to spend your honeymoon in an exotic location. While now may be a great time to catch a good deal on airfare and travel, your safety and health are of upmost concern. Stay close to current events and as more news is shared regarding the evolution of the situation - make well informed decisions regarding your honeymoon and travel plans.

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