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How To Pull Off a Stress-Free Outdoor Ceremony

Congratulations on your engagement! If you have planned your big day at a Houston wedding venue outdoors or want to capture some beautiful outdoor portraits, there is always a chance it may rain on your Big Day. However don't worry, there are a few precautions which if taken, can help you deal with any scenario. To help you, we have compiled tips to ensure you are fully prepared for your outdoor ceremony, even if that means rain. Trust us, with our recommendations, you’ll be able to have a stress outdoor ceremony and embrace any type of weather Houston throws at you!

Keep an eye on the forecast.

Keep checking the forecast until your wedding day. You will have an idea of what you’re up against and plus, you’ll know the specific hours that rain is forecasted. This will help you adjust your event timeline accordingly while taking into account the weather conditions.

Buy Clear Umbrellas

Clear umbrellas are perfect for a rainy wedding day as they don't interfere with the lighting on your face and won’t cast any shadows or colors on you. They also allow guests to see as much as possible and minimize obstructions caused by traditional umbrellas that aren't clear. They won't just keep you and your guests dry but will also serve as fun props to use in pictures.

Don't forget to Rent a Tent

If you have already decided on an outdoor ceremony, check with the venue to see if they have a standard back-up plan for rainy weather. There are several Houston wedding venues with outdoor ceremony spaces, but not all are able to accomodate a last minute change of plans due to rain. If they don’t have a plan B for rainy weather, be sure you rent a tent to keep everyone dry during the ceremony.

Check with your vendors

Talk to your vendors to see how they handle unexpected events such as inclement weather. Understand what processes your photographer, musician, or live DJ will follow in the event of rain.

Take advantage of Rain for Creative photos

Rain can give you some of the most romantic and intimate shots. Take advantage of the weather! An experienced photographer will be able to create some of the most amazing pictures for you. Figure out ways to make the rainy shoot fun and sweet.

Create a warm & cozy environment

Nothing is better than cozying up on a rainy day. Ensure there are heat lamps or fire pits with hot beverages to keep your guests warm. While exploring the Houston wedding venues, check to see if the staff can help provide you with these arrangements.

Keep extra blankets & towels

Keep your guests warm during the night’s activities by bringing extra blankets & towels. You can even get them customized by having them embellished with your initials and consider them a wedding favor. It's the perfect way to cuddle up and enjoy your day while also making for fun photos.

Be practical with hair and makeup.

Even with the rain, you will still look beautiful at your wedding. Check with your stylist for waterproof makeup options and consider a hairstyle with your hair up so the wind and rain have a minimal impact.

Make it memorable

You can't control the weather, but you can control how you feel about it. So embrace it! Imagine how romantic it will be when you and your partner exchange vows in the rain. That dreamy scene alone makes your wedding unforgettable!

Rain might not be ideal, but if you take precautions and be prepared, you can turn it into the most beautiful day of your life. So don't let it ruin your plans and mood. Keep yourself upbeat and happy, so your guests can enjoy themselves too.

If you wish to plan your big day at a Houston outdoor wedding venue, always be prepared for unexpected weather circumstances and have a Plan B ready! The good news is that at Addison Woods, we take care of all the details and have a beautiful chapel as your Plan B. As a top Houston wedding venue, we believe in curating a relaxing experience so you can celebrate at ease.

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