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Getting Ready Essentials for You and Your Girls

Congratulations, you're getting closer to the big day! You're likely experiencing a million different thoughts and feelings right now, so it's easy to forget a few things on the actual day. As your wedding approaches, you need to start gathering the things you want to bring with you. There are a few getting-ready essentials that you absolutely cannot forget on your special day. So to help you, we have put together a list of the wedding prep items that we believe you should pack.

Use this wedding prep list to start getting together what you need as soon as possible so that nothing is left behind!


As you and your girls get your hair and make-up done, you will want an amazing lineup of tunes to calm your nerves and set the tone for the memorable day ahead. That's why it is important to see if your Houston Wedding Venue has a speaker available in your bridal suite. If not, pack one yourself to set the mood. We also recommend compiling a playlist so that you can get ready to listen to your favorite songs!

Healthy Breakfast

Ensure nutritious breakfast or lunch options are available for your wedding party because it's SO important to eat well before your event and to stay hydrated. As everyone will be busy and focused on getting ready, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible together, so make these arrangements in advance. You’ll need to fuel your body as the whole day will be busy with ceremonies and celebrations.

Slippers or Socks

Don't forget to pack slippers or socks. Your venue will be sure to keep your room nice and cool throughout the day, so these will keep your feet warm!

Given you will be on your feet for several hours, it’s a good idea to slip on comfortable footwear while you get ready. Choose stylish bridal slippers to complement your robe: you could even add personalization for extra flair.

Phone Charger

One thing you can never go without is your phone charger. In our opinion, it's one of the most essential items on any wedding prep list. It's your special day, and you’re going to want to document every part of it. So, pack your charger to keep your battery fully charged all day. After all, you have a long day ahead of you. You could even pack a portable charger, so you don't need to be near a socket!

Your wedding morning will be a mixed bag of emotions - happiness, excitement, and nervousness- you may even experience all of them at once! So it is important to keep yourself as calm as possible. Sort out your packing list ahead of time so that you have everything you need to stay comfortable on the morning of your big day!

We hope these wedding prep ideas will help you set a positive vibe and get your day off to a fantastic start. Armed with this advice we just know you’ll have the best day!

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