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A Guide to Table Settings

When organizing a wedding it is important to know that the small details matter. That also includes knowing how to set your tables to provide your guests with a truly great dining experience. The reception is where your friends and family will spend most of their time, so creating a detail oriented setting is key.

Naturally, curating the right table settings for your big day can be an overwhelming task, and if you aren't sure how to do it, don't worry, we are here to help!

In essence, there are several ways you can set tables at your Houston wedding venue. We have created a guide that includes popular settings we see at Addison Woods from real weddings and events. Have a look!

Preset with Starter

If salad is being served, set the salad plate atop the charger plate. You can also put a salad fork to the left of the dinner fork. It is most commonly done with a plated dinner or when the dinner service begins as soon as the reception begins.

Set with a Charger Plate and a Napkin

The charger plate is center stage of most table settings. As various courses come and go, your plates are set on the top of the charger, including salad and soup courses. When you include chargers, your napkin can be folded and placed on top or below the charger before the service begins, creating an elegant look for your guests to see as they enter the reception.

Set with Only a Napkin

If the chargers are out of your budget or you don't like them, don't worry! You can also have beautiful settings with just a napkin. We recommend you explore various napkin folding options and pick one that suits your vision. They can be placed either towards the left of the fork or underneath the fork. If the space is limited, you can also place the napkin right in the middle of the settings. Crisp white designs are always chic for the event but don't be scared to go for patterned styles, which can also be accessorized with napkin rings.

No Setting, Only Centerpieces

You know the saying “less is more”? This can apply to table settings too! If your vision is simplicity and minimalism, consider accessorizing your reception tables with only centerpieces. If you’re putting a lot of thought into your centerpieces anyway, why not make them the star of your table settings!

These are just some of the various options you have when it comes to table settings. Also, don't be afraid to mix and match! You can take one of these suggestions as a base and build on it, combining elements or mixing and matching. No matter what table setting you decide on, we’re sure it will look beautiful at your Houston wedding venue!

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