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4 Ways to Include Kids in your Wedding Day

Kids are a source of constant joy and happiness in our lives. From nieces and nephews, to family friends – the little ones are always a source of fun and laughter. If you want to include them in your big day but don't want to opt for traditional roles such as flower girls or ring bearers, then there are other roles that the kids can play in the celebration. You can forgo traditions and be creative! That being said, here are a few ideas on how you can involve the kids at your Houston wedding venue for your ceremony and reception:

  • Ask them to pass out your ceremony programs as guests arrive When you have plans to involve children, the ceremony can take on a whole new meaning. You can assign many tasks to the little ones so they feel more included and important. You can ask them to pass out the ceremony programs to the guests as they arrive and are seated. Other jobs kids in Houston weddings can do include showing guests where to be seated, directing them to the venue, etc. It can be anything that makes them feel important and part of the day.

  • Ask them to perform a song or reading during the ceremony If the kids are particularly passionate about singing or reciting poetry, you could ask them to showcase their talent in a special performance. You can even ask kids to do a reading during the ceremony. Allowing a child moment in the spotlight will mean a lot to them. Their participation could also be choosing a song or a poem dedicated to you, and you can have it printed in the program details.

  • Ask kids to be junior bridesmaids or groomsmen If you wish to include children in the ceremony, you can create new roles for them – junior bridesmaids or groomsmen. These adorable mini members can dress beautifully like the rest of the bridal party, walk down the aisle during the processional, and even pose for photographs throughout your Houston wedding venue.

  • Create a special "kids corner" at the reception Consider creating a kid-friendly zone at your Houston wedding venue! It is a great way to include them and make the atmosphere kid-friendly! Plus, this is a great way to keep everything organized. For example, you can incorporate activities for children, such as coloring books and stickers, and have them handed out during the reception to keep them entertained. Couples can also set up fun games for kids in Houston weddings to play during the cocktail hour or at the reception.

By following some of these ideas at your Houston wedding venue, you will make the kids in your life feel special and included on your big day! It’s such a small way to make a huge impact in a child's life and create a memory that will last a lifetime for both you and them.

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